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Until our quarantine pond is ready we are not traveling out of town with any of our babies - but we did enter koi in the local Spokane show and did quite well.
Grand Champion - Momotaro Sanke
Reserve A Champion - Isawa Sakai Showa
Reserve B Champion - Isawa Sakai Gin Rin
Best in Size 7 - Isawa Sakai Hi Utsuri
Best in Variety Goshiki - Isawa Sakai
Best in Variety Shusui - Quality Koi
Best in Variety  - Isawa Sakai Gin Rin
Judge's Award - Shiro Utsuri

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Grand Champion 2006 - Momotaro Sanke 29"
Best Size 7
Judge's Choice - Shiro Utsuri
Gene, Matt McCann and Phyllis with our trophies
Reserve Champion B 2006 - Sakai Isawa Gin Rin Showa 28"
Reserve Champion 2006 - Sakai Isawa Showa 29"
Best in Variety - Goshiki
Best in Variety - Shusui
Best In Variety - Gin Rin A